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About the Author : I am 17 years old and I am aiming to be a football journalist or commentator in the future. All my own views and work. Hope you enjoy.

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Luis Suarez - Liverpool's Hero Or Headache?

28 Jul 2013
by James Cann
With all the rumours surrounding his immediate future, could Suarez be about to jump ship and start afresh elsewhere? [More]

The Unsung Team Of The Season

27 May 2013
by James Cann
The Barclays Premier League has had many unsung heroes this season. Here are the 11 that make it into my squad. [More]

Has The Championship Been The Best League This Season?

25 Apr 2013
by James Cann
From the word go, the npower Championship has had twists and turns, shocks and drama, but has it been the best league in England this year? [More]

Top 10 Bargain Buys So Far This Transfer Window

03 Aug 2012
by James Cann
So far this summer transfer window, these are 10 players I've picked out that should shine in the Premier League this campaign. [More]

Football Isn't Being Played For The Enjoyment Anymore

21 Jun 2012
by James Cann
The feelings of love and passion are being taken out of the beautiful game and are being with money. [More]

Top 5 Young Players At Euro 2012

16 Jun 2012
by James Cann
The Euros may only be at its third round of matches, but these are the 5 young players that have impressed me in the tournament. [More]

England's Man With A Plan

14 Jun 2012
by James Cann
When former England manager Fabio Capello resigned just a few months before the European championships, there was confusion amongst the England b... [More]

Do Or Die For The Dutch

13 Jun 2012
by James Cann
Today is the second round of fixtures for the teams in group B or the "Group of Death". With Holland, Germany, Denmark and Portgual all hoping to... [More]