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Team to watch for 2012-13 Premier League season

17 Aug 2012
by Ben Strudley
This is my team to watch for the 2012/13 season, that didn’t feature so prominently last time round. [More]

Arsenal pay the price, again!

07 Jul 2012
by Ben Strudley
When will Arsenal learn? With another season looming and another star player set to leave, it’s the same old story at Arsenal. PFA player o... [More]

World Football Leaves England Trailing

30 Jun 2012
by Ben Strudley
England needs to change its ways or be left behind. The difference in technical ability between England and top teams has become so wide, England... [More]

No respect shown for Beckham

30 Jun 2012
by Ben Strudley
Was it right or wrong that David Beckham wasn’t included in the team GB squad? Either way Stuart Pearce showed a real lack of respect towar... [More]