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5 Things I Hate about the Transfer Window

27 May 2013
by George Sadler
The transfer window continues to divide opinion across the land. Some love it, others can't stand the bullshit. [More]

Rafa Benitez: Clever or Clown?

15 Mar 2013
by George Sadler
          Ten months ago Chelsea football club had just won the biggest game of its history. Footbal... [More]

Sit back Song

28 Mar 2012
by George Sadler
Many Arsenal fans have recently called for a signing of a defensive midfielder with rumours pointing towards Yann M'Vila, with Song going forward [More]

Success vs Atmosphere

31 Dec 2011
by George Sadler
Its fair to say my friend, a Fulham fan, has not seen too many trophies, well ever. The other day he sparked an interesting debate, he said that ... [More]

Premier League's Best Midfield - The Contenders

10 Dec 2011
by George Sadler
1) Manchester City - David Silva - Yaya Toure Cost - 25M + 25M = 50M David Silva makes them tick, Yaya Toure provides the anchor. ... [More]