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Wayne Rooney: Much said but more left unspoken

11 Mar 2013
by Oliver Scrimgeour
Why Rooney is hindered as much by what's left unspoken than what is said too often. [More]

Football Is Business

08 Mar 2013
by Oliver Scrimgeour
Financial Fair Play is likely to have an impact on the bigger teams but could render struggling teams, like Aston Villa, even less competitive. [More]

Ibrahimovic Will Never Win The Champions League

15 Feb 2013
by Oliver Scrimgeour
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a well-decorated player, self-proclaimed legend of the game and PSG's main man, but he'll never win Europe's elite prize. [More]

The Cost of Disregarding Value

14 Feb 2013
by Oliver Scrimgeour
After a vital victory over West Ham for Villa, it is evident that an appreciation of certain players' values is being realised by Paul Lambert. [More]

You Can't Win Anything With Kids

12 Jan 2013
by Oliver Scrimgeour
Aston Villa are in grave danger of relegation this season and a lack of experience appears to be at the heart of their issues. [More]

Right To The Very Top

06 Jan 2013
by Oliver Scrimgeour
Frank Lampard: Right To The Very Top This week, a video emerged from 1996 of a young Frank Lampard, aged just 18-years-old, and his manager at th... [More]

Forever A Fan

14 Sep 2012
by Oliver Scrimgeour
This is not an article, but a brief story and one with which all of you will be familiar. Something I've never done before: Football Fiction. [More]

PSG’s Campaign Commences

14 Aug 2012
by Oliver Scrimgeour
Well-documented big spenders Paris Saint Germain kicked off the 2012/13 season as they did their last - against talented outfit FC Lorient. [More]

PSG must now illustrate due diligence on the pitch

24 Jul 2012
by Oliver Scrimgeour
Paris-Saint-Germain, the well-documented nouveau riche of the footballing world, have bought shrewdly this summer, raiding Serie A yet again for ... [More]

The Worst Best Premier League Season Ever

13 May 2012
by Oliver Scrimgeour
There's a lot of talk that this has been the greatest Premier League season of all time. I disagree, to say the least, and here is why. [More]

Thierry Henry: The Return of the King

30 Dec 2011
by Oliver Scrimgeour
Football fans across the world are rubbing their hands together at the prospect of Thierry Henry returning to his most successful of hunting grou... [More]

About a Bannan

14 Sep 2011
by Oliver Scrimgeour
In physical stature, he appears too small, but he has sublime technique and understanding of the game. So how should we view Barry Bannan? [More]

PSG Problématique

08 Sep 2011
by Oliver Scrimgeour
They’re the talk of Europe, but despite lying third in the table after four games, Paris-Saint-Germain have been disappointing their fans. [More]

Barcelona’s Critics: Reasonably Radical?

28 Aug 2011
by Oliver Scrimgeour
There are a lot of opinions in football, not least about F.C. Barcelona, touted as the greatest club side in the world. Are all the views valid? [More]

Season Kick-Off Round-Up and Villa’s August Opportunity

17 Aug 2011
by Oliver Scrimgeour
The much-anticipated kick-off of the new Premier League season was frankly a disappointment, from a number of perspectives. [More]

New Season, New Expectations for The Villa?

17 Aug 2011
by Oliver Scrimgeour
A little late regarding the opening game of the season, but a quick prediction about which players will be key for Aston Villa this season. [More]

Managers in ‘The Modern Game’

09 Aug 2011
by Oliver Scrimgeour
A study of the relationship between football clubs and their managers [More]