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About the Author : A 17-year-old aspiring football writer who is too big for his football boots. Qualified Referee and former player.

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Makélélé’s Legacy: Rise to Prominence of the Anchor Role

05 Jul 2012
by Harry Hugo
A look at how the defensive midfield role has evolved from Makélélé’s Legacy. A look at Sergio Busquets and Lucas Leiva amongst others. [More]

Didier Drogba - A Great Servant, Moving On

22 Jun 2012
by Harry Hugo
A player that has defined a generation of Premier League football, Didier Drogba. This is a look over his career. [More]

Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo - A Statistical Viewpoint

19 Jun 2012
by Harry Hugo
People will always have a view. You are either Barcelona or Madrid. But here is Messi's and Ronaldo's season reviewed by the statistics. [More]

The 6 Players That Could End Andy Carroll's Woes

03 May 2012
by Harry Hugo
Is Carroll's poor form down to his lak of ability, or the lack of service that is being provided? These are the players who could his fortune. [More]

The Last of the Kopites: Gerrard and Carragher

28 Apr 2012
by Harry Hugo
They have had inspirational careers, but is it time for them to step down or take a back seat. Read more to find out. [More]

Harry Redknapp: Is It Time to Swap White for White?

27 Apr 2012
by Harry Hugo
England promise so much, but will probably end up flopping like Didier Drogba when he stubs his toe. Can Harry lead us to greatness at the Euros? [More]

Roberto Di Matteo - A Master Plan or a Stroke of Luck?

26 Apr 2012
by Harry Hugo
Since his appointment as Chelsea Interim Manager in March of this year, Roberto Di Matteo has revolutionized the current Chelsea team... [More]