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About the Author : 19 yrs old. Metalhead. Bangladeshi. Football addict & writer. Passionate about Cricket. Sachin Tendulkar & Raul Gonzalez are my idols. And not much more...

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Why Santiago Cazorla Would Be The Difference-Maker Arsenal Need

26 Jul 2012
by Umid Dey
The talisman has been linked with a move to Arsenal and he could very well be THE signing Arsenal need to challenge for titles. Here's why... [More]

Why RvP Leaving Would Be A Blessing In Disguise For Arsenal

16 Jul 2012
by Umid Dey
Robin leaving is a big loss, but there a lot of positives about it, too. Here are some of them .... [More]

Why Spurs Should Be Taken Seriously Next Season

16 Jul 2012
by Umid Dey
With the signings of AVB, as the manager, Sigurdsson and Jan Vertonghen, with Adebayor soon to follow, Spurs genuine top 4 contenders... [More]

How Fernando Llorente Must Be Feeling At The Euros….

01 Jul 2012
by Umid Dey
A satirical look at how Fernando Llorente’s diary would read if he had written one during Euro 2012…. [More]

What We Learned From Match Day 4 Of Euro 2012

12 Jun 2012
by Umid Dey
Light-hearted (as usual) article on how things unfolded on match-day 4 of Euro 2012 [More]

What We Learned From Match Day 2 & 3 Of Euro 2012

11 Jun 2012
by Umid Dey
Another light-hearted piece on how things unfolded in the 2nd and 3rd match-day of Euro 2012 [More]

What we learned from the first match-day of Euro 2012

10 Jun 2012
by Umid Dey
A Nick Price inspired - thus, light-hearted - article on how the first day of Euro 2012 was .... [More]

Why Santiago Cazorla Should Be A Starter For Spain At The Euros

07 Jun 2012
by Umid Dey
The underrated Malaga talisman could well be the X-factor of Spain and should be a starter at the Euros .... [More]

Epic Balotellisms Part II

11 Feb 2012
by Umid Dey
Some more crazy stories of the legendary Mario Balotelli... [More]

Football Personalities' Lookalikes

26 Dec 2011
by Umid Dey
Another set of lookalikes of Football personalities .... Wenger, Alex Ferguson and more. [More]

23 Epic Balotellisms

21 Dec 2011
by Umid Dey
We love Mario Balotelli, don't we? Here are 23 reasons why... [More]

Some Manchester United Fans Are The Worst Fans I've Seen

27 Oct 2011
by Umid Dey
Some Man United fans are labelled as one of the worst ever - I believe that now too. Why? Well, here I explain why they are the worst I've seen [More]

‘Glory Hunter’ – The most wrongly over-used term in football

24 Oct 2011
by Umid Dey
The term 'glory hunter' is being thrown at almost everyone who supports newly cash rich Club. Here's why that is wrong... [More]

Raul Gonzalez Blanco - How He Made Me Love Football

15 Oct 2011
by Umid Dey
It all seems like yesterday. June 2nd, 2002. A kid, merely 10 yrs old, sat in front of the TV, watching the World Cup group stage match between S... [More]

15 ridiculous rumours football journalists could use

12 Oct 2011
by Umid Dey
A light-hearted satire on 15 ridiculous and hypothetical news points reporters could use for 15 days of boring international breaks.... [More]

10 Things Xavi Could Do After Retiring From Football

01 Oct 2011
by Umid Dey
Xavi Hernandez is a World Class midfielder who is entering the final stages of his trophy-laden career. He is known for his extensive passing and... [More]

The Importance Of Holding Midfielders In Football

01 Oct 2011
by Umid Dey
 Ian Holloway, current Blackpool manager once said, "It's all very well having a great pianist playing but it's no good if you haven't got a... [More]

Why Torres is going through the worst phase of his career

28 Sep 2011
by Umid Dey
It is the final moments of extra-time of the 2010 World Cup final. Cesc Fabregas passes it to Andres Iniesta. Iniesta receives the pass and volle... [More]