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About the Author : Im Kris, 20 from Wolverhampton, England. Im currently studying Journalism at uni, writing about football is my passion. Follow me on twitter!

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Baptism of fire finally over for Moyes.

24 Sep 2013
by Kristian Pugh
A piece looking into Manchester United's season so far, and why there is no need to worry just yet. [More]

Frank Lampard: A tribute

12 Sep 2013
by Kristian Pugh
A piece looking at the simply astonishing career of Frank Lampard for both England and Chelsea. [More]

Do things 'The England Way'

01 Sep 2013
by Kristian Pugh
Ahhhh national English football, often loved, often chastised, but more often than not loved I guess. Whether it's by the foreigners loving to se... [More]

RVP still the MVP in the Premier League.

21 Aug 2013
by Kristian Pugh
So, the first round of premier league games has passed us by and a lot has changed; the dugouts for both Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Everton and S... [More]

Welcome to the chopping block, Arsene.

14 Aug 2013
by Kristian Pugh
Over the last 8 years most football fanatics outside of Manchester and London would cast there footballing sympathy vote to those at the Emirates... [More]

Good luck Carlo?

05 Jul 2013
by Kristian Pugh
Since the turn of the century, the managerial position at Real Madrid has become somewhat of a poisoned chalice. It seems surprising does it not?... [More]

3 Things Moyes Needs To Do By August 17th

23 May 2013
by Kristian Pugh
  It will be absolutely no surprise to us all that come mid-August David Moyes will be feeling more pressure than most people in the footba... [More]

Rooney on his way to being England's top scorer

24 Mar 2013
by Kristian Pugh
At the age of 27, having acquired 80 caps and 34 goals for his country it is not inconceivable to imagine that Wayne Rooney could eventually go o... [More]

The Tide Has Turned In North London

09 Mar 2013
by Kristian Pugh
'Come of age' is a phrase rarely used in modern day football but right now it seems very appropriate when concerning Tottenham Hotspurs. A team t... [More]

Football Needs a Psychiatrist Before Goal Line Technology

23 Jan 2013
by Kristian Pugh
Football, the great game is unpredictable, controversial and emotionally unstable. Its why we all love the game and feel so connected to it, yet ... [More]

What does the future really hold for Liverpool?

15 Jan 2013
by Kristian Pugh
Even the most optimistic of Liverpool supporters would only of expected a top 6 finish this season from Brendan Rodgers and his players this seas... [More]

Chelsea's new style comes up trumps against the gunners.

01 Oct 2012
by Kristian Pugh
Since the success of Chelsea began back in 2004, they have been considered a team with brute force, incredible aerial threat and a real 'hustle a... [More]

Everton's robust style claims another victim.

23 Sep 2012
by Kristian Pugh
Few things have been certain over the last few years in English football. But one of them has been that Everton FC will have a poor start to the ... [More]

England, Two years after THAT match.

28 Jun 2012
by Kristian Pugh
It's just under 2 years since one of the most disappointing days in English football in the last 10 - 15 years, probably only beaten by England&r... [More]

The board are to blame for Wolves woes

28 Apr 2012
by Kristian Pugh
Over the last 18 months, Steve Morgan and co have become a perfect example of how NOT to run a football club in the premier league, and while of ... [More]

Guardiola may not be the right choice for Chelsea

07 Mar 2012
by Kristian Pugh
Josep Guardiola. Most football people anywhere in the world would put him in the top 3 managers in world football at the moment without any discr... [More]

Stick with Carroll and Torres

30 Jan 2012
by Kristian Pugh
Andy Carroll and Fernando Torres. Probably two of the most criticised players so far this season, yet I believe that letting go of either of thes... [More]

Sunday is the pivotal moment in Man Utd's season.

06 Jan 2012
by Kristian Pugh
At the start of the season things couldn’t of looked better for Manchester United, in their first 5 premier league games they scored 21 goa... [More]

Have we finally found Manchester United's weakness?

26 Sep 2011
by Kristian Pugh
Its Saturday 25th September 2011 and the current champions have played 5 games, won 5, scored 21 goals and only conceded 4 goals. The whole count... [More]

Why I think Arsenal are still a Top Four team

13 Sep 2011
by Kristian Pugh
It would be foolish to deny that the Arsenal team of 2011 is a shadow of the 'invincibles' of 2004. However I feel that for people to be claiming... [More]