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Selling RVP: Financial sense at the price of success?

18 Aug 2012
by Brett Curtis
Forget Eden Hazard, Santi Cazorla, Shinji Kagawa, Oscar and the rest. Robin van Persie is set to leave Arsenal for Manchester United in a reporte... [More]

'Arry's Gone

15 Jun 2012
by Brett Curtis
Despite finishing within the top four in the Premier League for the second time in his full three seasons in charge, Harry Redknapp has been sa... [More]

Alejandro, Alejandro

18 Sep 2011
by Brett Curtis
In May, Neil Warnock was at the centre of another high profile third-party ownership saga, as his QPR side were being investigated for the contra... [More]

Assessing England's mentality problems

18 Jul 2011
by Brett Curtis
A collective "fear factor", or rather individualistic "selfishness"? [More]

A Statistical Tale of Promotion into the Premier League

07 Jul 2011
by Brett Curtis
And how it may apply to the chances of survival for QPR, Norwich and Swansea... [More]

Should he stay or should he go now?

28 Jun 2011
by Brett Curtis
The prominent dilemma and debate: when is the 'right' time for young talent to make their move? [More]

Te--leven top signings of the 2010/11 Premier League campaign.

25 Jun 2011
by Brett Curtis
My eleven top signings of the PL season -- in descending price order. Your job is to rank them! [More]