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Five possible January transfer targets for Chelsea

06 Dec 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
With the Blues' 'veterans' struggling to keep up with the two high-flying teams [More]

Chelsea player ratings from UCL visit to Leverkusen

24 Nov 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
with one win in six games now, I felt compelled to air my views on the starting eleven from last evening in the Champions League [More]

Chelsea simply must perform against Genk

02 Nov 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
Suddenly facing pressure from all sides, Chelsea will have to prove that two bad weeks in football doesn't make a critical difference and [More]

Are football chants really that disgraceful and shocking?

06 Oct 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
This isn't new though, is it? As far as I can remember, abusive have chants have been the stable of the terraces up and down the land. [More]

EPL Review: Sunderland 1-2 Chelsea

10 Sep 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
Sturridge scored six minutes after break. His sublime backheel, from a Meireles pass, when running through one on one, made it 2-0 [More]

Chelsea are very real title contenders

07 Sep 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
Chelsea appear to have been overlooked, or even 'written-off' by a few quick fire journo's, when it's evident that a real challenge is mounting [More]

What can Chelsea expect from Meireles?

02 Sep 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
Meireles is not coming in as a signing for the future, but rather as a signing for the present. He is a great addition to Chelsea’s squad... [More]

Juan cameo to remember

29 Aug 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
Mata, who joined from Valencia earlier in the week, netted in the 11th minute of stoppage time. It was sublime, astonishing and just plain [More]

EPL: Chelsea 3-1 Norwich City

29 Aug 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
Chelsea seemed in the mood for a rout on Saturday when Lampard's pass found Bosingwa in the sixth minute, which was duely buried from 30 yards [More]

Champions League Group E: A look at Chelsea's opponents

28 Aug 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
Chelsea's group is actually pretty tough. When looking at the opponents that other English Premier League sides drew, it's obvious that Chelsea [More]

Why Wesley Sneijder should be first choice for Villas-Boas

27 Aug 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
The Dutchman boasts exceptional passing range, as he can play the short one-two's and hit the long diagonals as well. Sneijder has the quickness [More]

Chelsea playmaker conundrum - will they, won't they?

26 Aug 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
  Chelsea are facing a dilemma on three of the finest playmakers with time running out and the transfer window closing in six days time... [More]

Chelsea fans: What can we expect from Juan Mata?

25 Aug 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
The imminent arrival Juan Mata will be the fourth addition by Andre Villas-Boas. Mata flew into the UK yesterday on Monday for a medical [More]

Alternative swap offer for Liverpool’s Meireles?

25 Aug 2011
by BlackwaterBLUE
Chelsea may make a counter-offer to Liverpool’s bid to swap striker Daniel Sturridge for midfielder Raul Meireles, by offering Salomon Kalou [More]