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Why Argentina's biggest weapon is their biggest weakness.

08 Jul 2011
by Josh Gilbert
  Barcelona are considered to be the best team ever and yes there is no denying they are terrific but I don't think their the best ever. Peo... [More]

Russian League at half-way point & CSKA are half-way there...

04 Jul 2011
by Josh Gilbert
The Russian League has now gone for it summer break. This lasts until the 22nd July where the team return the carry on with the season. CSKA Mosc... [More]

Its Time for the Ukrainian League!

28 Jun 2011
by Josh Gilbert
The start of the Ukrainian League is getting closer and closer and it promises to be a good one. Shakhtar Donetsk will be looking to win their 3r... [More]

Are Malaga the Spanish Manchester City?

24 Jun 2011
by Josh Gilbert
Malaga having beaten relegation this season after looking all but defeated back at christmas, and now are increasingly looking like the Span... [More]

The rise of Russian Football comes with a few surprises

23 Jun 2011
by Josh Gilbert
Anyone who knows about Russian football will know that Moscow pretty much runs football in Russia with 4 teams in the top division. These are obv... [More]