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About the Author : I am 18 and from Belfast, I love watching football, talking about football and writing about football, and I dream of someday making it my job!

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Articles by this Author

The future is bright, but not Oranje

08 Aug 2012
by Conor McEvoy
Arsenal may be in danger of losing their Dutch talisman, but there is cause for much optimism [More]

Chelsea's manager dilemma

31 Mar 2012
by Conor McEvoy
Roberto Di Matteo has impressed at the Blues, but who will be next to take the hotseat? [More]

New beginnings in the Basque Country

06 Nov 2011
by Conor McEvoy
With a quality group of players and an attack-minded manager, its exciting times for Athletic Bilbao [More]

How can you improve on perfection?

20 Aug 2011
by Conor McEvoy
Barcelona under Pep Guardiola have reached previously unimaginable levels of excellence- but have they peaked? [More]

The rise and rise of the Bundesliga

08 Aug 2011
by Conor McEvoy
Germany's top flight is arguably Europe's most entertaining and fan-friendly league... [More]