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The Most Important Thing Emmanuel Adebayor Brings To Spurs

29 Aug 2012
by Spurs Fanatic
Emmanuel Adebayor finally appeared in a Spurs shirt after a long-drawn out transfer. But what is the most important thing he brings to the team? [More]

5 factors that will decide the Champions League Final

17 May 2012
by Spurs Fanatic
Chelsea face Bayern in their backyard on Saturday, here are five factors that will decide the outcome. [More]

Should Clint Dempsey be starting up front for Fulham?

19 Apr 2012
by Spurs Fanatic
Clint Dempsey has netted 3 goals in two starts up front for Fulham, should he be considered for the role on a full-time basis? [More]

Why Is Sergio Aguero Such A Homeboy?

11 Mar 2012
by Spurs Fanatic
Sergio Aguero has scored 12 of his 16 Premier League goals at home. So why is he so much more prolific on the green, green grass of the Etihad? [More]

What has happened to Ashley Young?

20 Dec 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
Ashley Young was one of the big buys of the summer. but has found himself on the Old Trafford bench recently. Just what has happened? [More]

The secret to Gareth Bale's recent success

09 Dec 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
Gareth Bale had 1 goal in his first 9 games for Spurs. In his last five matches, he has 4 goals and 5 assists. Here's how he is doing it. [More]

What has happened to Charles N'Zogbia?

23 Nov 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
With 9 goals and 7 assists, Charles N'Zogbia kept Wigan in the Premiership. After a big money move to Aston Villa, just what has happened? [More]

The real effect of Rooney's reposition on Manchester Utd

11 Nov 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
Wayne Rooney has been moved in to a midfield role to make Man Utd more resilient, but has his move hindered the team more than it has helped? [More]

Why Gervinho is responsible for Robin van Persie's good run

03 Nov 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
Since returning from suspension, Gervinho has 4 assists in 6 matches, all to Robin van Persie, who has scored 9 games in that same span. [More]

How David Silva makes Man City tick

26 Oct 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
David Silva has been the chief architect in Man City's success this season and here's how he's doing it. [More]

Raul Meireles, a better buy than Luka Modric?

08 Sep 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
Raul Meireles may have been a third of the price offered for Luka Modric, but is he a better buy? [More]

Why Edin Dzeko should be called 'the second year star'

01 Sep 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
After a major move and an initial slump, Edin Dzeko is proving for the third time in his career that he is a second year star. [More]

Two things I like about Villas-Boas' Chelsea & one thing I don't

25 Aug 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
Andre Villas-Boas has put his stamp on the Chelsea team and there are two things to like about his philosophy, but I still have one concern [More]

Liverpool dropping Kuyt is re-Dirkulous

18 Aug 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
Dirk Kuyt starting on the subs bench against Sunderland was eyebrow raising. Should Jordan Henderson continue to get the nod over Kuyt? [More]

Why hasn't Arsene Wenger addressed Arsenal's real needs?

12 Aug 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
With Cesc Fabregas' on/off transfer to Barcelona and fighting off speculation in the media, has Arsene Wenger lost sight of Arsenal's real needs? [More]

Should Andre Villas-Boas stick with Fernando Torres?

07 Aug 2011
by Spurs Fanatic
Fernando Torres has had a slow start to his Chelsea career, so should Andre Villas-Boas stick with Fernando Torres or should he bench him? [More]