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About the Author : Debatable Decisions analyse referee performances and how they affect the EPL. Our blog is home to the Decisions League Table, find out who benefits most from dodgy refs and visit The Real PL Table.

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Articles by this Author

Contentious Decisions

30 Jul 2011
by Simon-John McPolin
A look at some of the worst refereeing mistakes of all time... [More]

The Premier League & The Vanishing Spray

29 Jul 2011
by Simon-John McPolin
I dare say there are one or two football fans who looked at each other quizzically when they first noticed the referee spraying a little line of ... [More]

FIFA and Technology, An Uncomfortable Relationship

28 Jul 2011
by Simon-John McPolin
I tweeted earlier in the week about current Chief Executive of the English FA, Richard Scudamore’s comments on the possibility of goal-line... [More]