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Top 10 matches of the Premier League era

29 Jan 2013
by Nick Wall
Over the last 20 years, we have been privileged to see so many brilliant players and wonderful goals illuminate the Premier League, leading to a ... [More]

Top 10 Central Midfielders of the Premier League Era

10 Jan 2013
by Nick Wall
Strikers score the goals, whilst goalkeepers and defenders will do their best to keep them out.  But it is the middle men who have gene... [More]

How my 'love affair' with Wolves began!

11 Sep 2012
by Nick Wall
At some point during this season, I hope to take my 7 year old brother, Charlie, to his first Wolves match. He loves the game and, like me, is ne... [More]

The top 10 'keepers of the Premier League era

07 Sep 2012
by Nick Wall
  After compiling a list on my top 10 defenders and strikers, I decided to do something similar on the best glovemen we have seen over the l... [More]

The top 10 strikers of the Premier League era

21 May 2012
by Nick Wall
After compiling a list of the top 10 defenders of the Premier League, I decided to try and do something similar on the attacking players we have ... [More]

The Top 10 centre-backs of the Premier League era

29 Mar 2012
by Nick Wall
There have been many fine centre-backs to have played in the Premier League since it’s inception in 1992, but who is the best of them all? ... [More]

Wolverhampton Wanderers: An embarrassment on and off the pitch

14 Mar 2012
by Nick Wall
What an utter shambles Wolverhampton Wanderers have become. 5 goals thrashings, apathetical supporters, boardroom ineptitude, a managerial novice... [More]

Wolves are right to stick with Mick.

26 Jan 2012
by Nick Wall
In the days leading up to a crucial West Midlands derby with Aston Villa, Wolves owner Steve Morgan spoke publicly of his desire to ensure long t... [More]

Managers & Players should never go back?

29 Oct 2011
by Nick Wall
The premature, and probably unfounded, rumours that Martin O’Neill was on the brink of a fairytale return to Leicester City, after the sack... [More]

Stick with Mick!

24 Oct 2011
by Nick Wall
Why Mick McCarthy is still the right man to lead Wolves.... [More]

The Black Country Derby: West Brom vs Wolves

14 Oct 2011
by Nick Wall
A match preview of one of the most fierce battles in English football… The most anticipated fixture of the season for fans of West Brom... [More]

Manchester United against Real Madrid

02 Oct 2011
by Nick Wall
Barcelona are the best, but who comes 2nd: United or Real?   It is widely known, throughout the footballing fraternity, that Barcelona are ... [More]

Joleon Lescott: From Championship to the Champions League

28 Sep 2011
by Nick Wall
As an Wolves fan, it was great to see Joleon Lescott make his Champions League debut for Manchester City in the club’s inaugural fixture ag... [More]

Top 10 shock results in football history

24 Sep 2011
by Nick Wall
We all love the underdog! A top side being defeated, unthinkably, by a team with far less quality always has it’s appeal. For instance, in ... [More]

Welcome back Fernando!

22 Sep 2011
by Nick Wall
Why shocking miss shouldn't overshadow a return to form for Torres... [More]

Celtic and Rangers in the EPL

06 Sep 2011
by Nick Wall
Why Celtic and Rangers should be in the English Premier League…   The Barclays Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has ... [More]

The best performances of recent times

20 Aug 2011
by Nick Wall
My selection of top five greatest individual performances...   There have been many football matches down the years that have been sprinkled... [More]

Matt Murray - the best goalkeeper England never had

09 Aug 2011
by Nick Wall
    I recently read a heart warming book called ‘I’m Not Really Here’ which is an autobiography of former footballer ... [More]

The Best Manager for England - Guus Hiddink

02 Aug 2011
by Nick Wall
 Ever since Fabio Capello expressed his wish to relinquish the role of England manager directly after Euro 2012, the bookmakers have been o... [More]