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About the Author : Sports writer for Sky, Daily Star, Well Red Magazine plus many others past and present. I use this blog now & again to take advantage of the creative freedom it provides. All views are my own.

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Articles by this Author

Phil-ing Jari's Boots

30 Jun 2013
by Jamie Casey
Jamie Casey believes Jari Litmanen-like Philippe Coutinho can make up for lost time. [More]

Betting on a Mourinho move?

18 Jan 2013
by Jamie Casey
Sky Bet’s Jamie Casey breaks down the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of Jose Mourinho’s future after seeing money piled on move to Old Trafford. [More]

How Grey Can Be The Only Colour We Worry About

25 Oct 2012
by Jamie Casey
Mark Hughes’ assertion that we will “be a lot greyer” the day racism is eradicated from football carries justifiable weight, writes Jamie Casey. [More]

Betting preview: 3 outcomes to look out for this Saturday

20 Oct 2012
by Jamie Casey
Jamie Casey offers a 20/1 treble tip ahead of Saturday's much anticipated return to club football. [More]

Classic football barnets – Five of the best?

14 Oct 2012
by Jamie Casey
Influenced by Edgar Davids' move to Barnet, coupled with Marouane Fellaini's form, Jamie Casey looks back on classic haircuts in the game. [More]

Football in Yorkshire – Cheap as Chips

07 Oct 2012
by Jamie Casey
Jamie Casey breaks down recent attendance and admission figures for some of Yorkshire's biggest clubs. [More]

Everton’s consistency is down to Moyes’ astute transfer activity

04 Oct 2012
by Jamie Casey
Jamie Casey compares the ins with the outs as the Toffees make their counterparts sit up and take notice, again. [More]

The Vieri verdict

02 Oct 2012
by Jamie Casey
Jamie Casey questions whether Serie A can restore its credibility and with it the glory days of the 1990s. [More]

Phil Babb's finest moment?

01 Oct 2012
by Jamie Casey
Jamie Casey recalls a moment of madness that ranks among the most memorable of Phil Babb’s international career. [More]

Never write off the Irish

07 Jun 2012
by Jamie Casey
Jamie Casey believes four points will take the Irish through to the quarter-finals of their first European Championships in 24 years. [More]