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About the Author : 15 year old Palace fan trying to get a future in sports journalism. Im writing for Football Speak and Football Fans Today.

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How should the FA punish Ashley Cole?

10 Oct 2012
by Dave Carr
Ashley Cole has recently been charged with misconduct by the FA for his Twitter comment, for which he has apologised for. How do the FA react? [More]

Do Ultras Have A Place In English Football?

13 Sep 2012
by Dave Carr
Let’s start with the basics, what is an Ultra and what do they do? Ultras are a type of sports fans renowned for their fanatical support an... [More]

Andy Carroll to West Ham is a good move for everyone

05 Sep 2012
by Dave Carr
Now on the face of it Liverpool’s season loan of Andy Carroll, the £35m man, may seem stupid to some. Why spend £35m on a strik... [More]

Eden Hazard: A review from someone who was actually at the game

22 Aug 2012
by Dave Carr
Now, first and foremost, I want to apologize for the somewhat big-headed article title. Yes I was at the DW Stadium on Sunday, but do I really ne... [More]

West Ham are back in the Prem, but at what cost?

22 May 2012
by Dave Carr
  After being huge favourites for the Championship, West Ham fans may have been disappointed with their late winner play-off securing promot... [More]

Roberto Mancini - Veni, vidi, vici

13 May 2012
by Dave Carr
Manchester City; title-less for 44 years, closer to non-league than the Premier League after going down to 12th in Division Two in 1998. 24 years... [More]