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About the Author : Michael is the editor-in-chief of The Last Terrace Times football blog, based in Canada. If you have any inquires please contact him at newell.michael7@gmail.com

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Articles by this Author

A Bronze that feels like Gold for Canada's Women

12 Aug 2012
by Mike Newell
Diana Matheson's stoppage time winner handed Canada it's first "traditional team" sport medal since 1936. [More]

Heartbreak at Old Trafford for Canada's women at the Olympics

09 Aug 2012
by Mike Newell
Two strong teams who are traditional rivals at everything, one team trying to keep its dominance, the other trying to break into the elite. [More]

Is Mario Balotelli worth the problems?

12 Apr 2012
by Mike Newell
How much slack do you give a "gifted" player when he is a complete liability? [More]