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Losing out to City may help Manchester United progress

09 May 2012
by Sam Robson
As a Man United fan, it pains me to admit that we are now behind our city rivals, but unless QPR can salvage something from the Etihad on sunday,... [More]

Championship Climax - Who will join the Saints and Royals?

30 Apr 2012
by Sam Robson
It's that time of year again, where four teams compete in the lottery that is the Championship playoffs. I will come to those candidates shortly,... [More]

The Great Liverpool Debate - Should the King be dethroned?

24 Apr 2012
by Sam Robson
Following eighteen months of mediocrity under first Rafa Benitez and then Roy Hodgson, Liverpool fans were given an almighty boost with the retur... [More]

Premier League Team of the Year & Predictions

03 Apr 2012
by Sam Robson
With the 2011/12 Barclays Premier League season reaching it's climax, I thought now was about the right time to look back on this season, before ... [More]