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About the Author : Football writer, NUFC fanatic and the reason Geordie & Genius share a page of the dictionary. Currently studying a Creative Writing MA at Northumbria Uni. writing a novel about football due out 2013.

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NUFC Prediction : Premier Bronze & Silverware In Olympic Season

18 Aug 2012
by Stuart Latimer
Just as the unexpected Olympic Gold rush put the Great back into Britain, it is a matter of time before Newcastle United realize their potential. [More]

Euro 2012 Expert's XI

23 Jun 2012
by Stuart Latimer
While the players naturally take centre stage, this is my team of pundits and journalists who have enriched the tournament so far. [More]

Hodgson's Unfancied Men In White To Outshine Eurotrash

06 Jun 2012
by Stuart Latimer
For once, England doesn’t expect and that’s why they’ll win Euro 2012... [More]

Fortune favours the brave Toon Army

31 Mar 2012
by Stuart Latimer
What is the best form of defence? Attack - and as the first half of the WBA game proved, NUFC are an outfit capable of ripping anyone to shreds. [More]