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About the Author : Been following football for as long as I can remember, started blogging about it not long ago. Follow the Boro and England, so most posts about them. More concise opinions on twitter: @D4vidHolly

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Great Britain v Brazil : What have we learned?

24 Jul 2012
by David Holly
What have we learned from Team GB ahead of the start of their quest for Olympic Gold? [More]

Backing Up The Three Lions

05 Jun 2012
by David Holly
With 4 of England's 23 man squad withdrawing through injury, we take a look at their replacements and what impact they can make in Ukraine [More]

Euro 2012 Fantasy Football Guide

03 Jun 2012
by David Holly
Thinking of entering a Euro 2012 Fantasy Team? Make sure you check out who's hot and who's not before submitting.. [More]

Merit over Hype: Hodgson’s England Squad

16 May 2012
by David Holly
'Guiding a team to safety whilst being a regular fixture should surely deserve more recognition than being a bit part player at a bigger team' [More]

The Right Man for the Job

12 Mar 2012
by David Holly
Choosing the right manager for a club is the ultimate test of any Chairman, but what makes Mr Right so right? [More]

Too Much, Much Too Young?

17 Feb 2012
by David Holly
Should we rush our hottest prospect straight into major tournaments? [More]