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About the Author : Disaffected football fan in late thirties, priced out of the game and love moaning about it to anyone who will listen - usually through my blog

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Quixotic Tales - A little trip to Spain's lower reaches.

28 Jun 2012
by Grumpy Old Fan
As its extended and convoluted end to the season nears, La Segunda division in Spain - la Liga Adelante - is about to lose more than one local de... [More]

The Clone Wars, or the fashion faux-pas of replica shirts

30 Jan 2012
by Grumpy Old Fan
They are a sign of allegiance. They show you are part of a crowd - or different to the norm. Worn as a badge of pride at belonging, or as two-fin... [More]

Canned Laughter

30 Jan 2012
by Grumpy Old Fan
..what could make the feeling you get as the ball hits the back of the net more euphoric? Certainly not a mass dance-athon to the Fratellis... [More]