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About the Author : James M. Dorsey is a senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and the author of the blog, The Turbulent World of Middle East

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Soccer fans in the Gulf vote with their feet

02 May 2013
by James M Dorsey
  Soccer is defeating efforts by wealthy, football-crazy Gulf states to impregnate themselves against the wave of protests that have swept ... [More]

Players’ complaints threaten Qatar projection of improved rights

01 May 2013
by James M Dorsey
Employment-related complaints by two international players, one of whom is barred from leaving Qatar, threaten to overshadow the 2022 World Cup o... [More]

AFC election marred by interference and candidates’ records

27 Apr 2013
by James M Dorsey
Next week’s Asian Football Confederation (AFC) presidential elections designed to elect a leader to clean up two years of alleged financial... [More]

Egyptian soccer TV rights aim to alleviate financial crisis

22 Apr 2013
by James M Dorsey
The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) hopes to raise at least $17 million in an auction this week of the premier league’s television broa... [More]

Trade unions call on FIFA to deprive Qatar of World Cup

19 Apr 2013
by James M Dorsey
  International trade unions have called on world soccer body FIFA to deprive Qatar of its right to host the 2022 World Cup because it has ... [More]

ASEAN Super League offers World Sport Group potential fallback

19 Apr 2013
by James M Dorsey
Plans to launch an Association of Southeast Nations Football Federation (AFF) Super League with Singapore-based World Sport Group (WSG) as its ma... [More]

Bahrain soccer chief faces tough questions in AFC election

15 Apr 2013
by James M Dorsey
The Asian Football Confederation (AFC), struggling to restore credibility after two scandal-riddled years involving allegations of financial mism... [More]

Egypt’s banning of soccer fans from matches likely to boomerang

10 Apr 2013
by James M Dorsey
Egyptian authorities have expanded the ban on fans attending matches to include international as well as domestic games in a bid to prevent viole... [More]

AFC presidential candidates’ promises put WSG in crosshairs

09 Apr 2013
by James M Dorsey
Candidates in next month’s Asian Football Confederation (AFC) presidential election designed to appoint a successor to disgraced Qatari nat... [More]

Al Jazeera targets Spain amid dropping viewer numbers at home

04 Apr 2013
by James M Dorsey
State-owned Qatari television network Al Jazeera is exploring the acquisition of Spain’s La Liga premier soccer league rights in a bid to e... [More]

Turkey gears up to give Gulf states a run for their money

27 Mar 2013
by James M Dorsey
The Gulf states dominate headlines with Qatar’s controversial hosting of a World Cup and the high profile acquisition of European soccer te... [More]

Qatar broaches sensitive demography through soccer

20 Mar 2013
by James M Dorsey
Qatar's soccer league, in a break with a reluctance among Gulf states to give their largely expatriate majorities a sense of belonging, is next m... [More]

Egyptian crackdown on soccer fans likely to unite militants

16 Mar 2013
by James M Dorsey
Egypt’s judiciary and security forces appear posed to crack down on militant, highly politicised and street battle-hardened soccer fans in ... [More]

International sanctions: Iran feels the psychological impact

14 Mar 2013
by James M Dorsey
Struggling to maintain its place in Asia’s top tier, Iranian soccer is a reflection of a country laboring under the burden of a repressive ... [More]

Rioting ultras and striking police may ease security reform

10 Mar 2013
by James M Dorsey
The fall-out of last year’s death of 72 soccer fans in a politically-loaded stadium brawl has brought the need for reform of Egypt’s ... [More]

Soccer protests highlight Egyp president Morsi’s fragile ties

06 Mar 2013
by James M Dorsey
A series of soccer protests in the past week in anticipation of a March 9 ruling in the politically loaded case of last year’s brawl in a P... [More]

AFC election-lineup: little real promise of badly needed reform

27 Feb 2013
by James M Dorsey
The line-up of contenders for the presidency of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), promises everything but the wind of reform and change the... [More]

Militant Jerusalem fans challenge founding principle of Israeli

25 Feb 2013
by James M Dorsey
When militant supporters of right-wing soccer club Beitar Jerusalem last month vowed to keep their team pure in protest against the hiring of two... [More]

Port Said unites Egyptian government critics: workers and fans

22 Feb 2013
by James M Dorsey
Military troops are protecting factories and government offices on the fifth day of a general strike in the Suez Canal city of Port Said that has... [More]

Soccer fans defy emergency rule, Port Said strikes

18 Feb 2013
by James M Dorsey
Thousands of militant soccer fans, in an indication that emergency rule will not squash mass protests, blocked government buildings as part of a ... [More]