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About the Author : Joshua King is a humorous and highly analytical person.Loves to meet new people and is adept at analysing the game of football.His other interests include playing chess and pc games.

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English Football Talk

15 Feb 2012
by Joshua King
Arsenal striker Gervinho has blamed Fernando Torres for Drogba’s penalty miss at the AFCON 2012 Final between his Ivory Coast and Zambia. H... [More]

Football Musings

09 Feb 2012
by Joshua King
John Terry has announced to the shock and utter amazement of Chelsea fans worldwide that he will end his contract come summer of this year. [More]

Positive solutions to Nigerian football

14 Dec 2011
by Joshua King
We must think in terms of solutions, positive solutions... Our league is boring let's make it interesting the stadiums are empty let's hype it an... [More]