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Favourite Club : Manchester United
About the Author : 20 year old from Australia, who doesnt get much sleep during the Premier League season.

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Tottenham’s surge shows Redknapp’s genius

17 Dec 2011
by Morgan Campbell
There's talk that Harry Redknapp might manage England. It's not hard to see why they'd want him. [More]

The magic and madness of Wayne Rooney

10 Dec 2011
by Morgan Campbell
After his latest saga came to an end with a reduced two-match suspension from Euro 2012, let's look at Rooney's most dramatic far. [More]

Naming Rights Sell More Than Just a Name

08 Dec 2011
by Morgan Campbell
The stadium is the home of a club’s history. In renting out these names we not only rent out a stadium’s identity, but also a part of its soul. [More]

Basel’s victory shows football’s magic, but why United?

08 Dec 2011
by Morgan Campbell
As much as I hate the result, and the prospect of United labouring through the Europa League, Basel’s victory is good for football. [More]