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About the Author : I am a trainee journalist at the Brighton Journalist Works and will be looking for full-time employment from 2012. I aspire to be a sports writer and write for football friends, BBMLive and Kettlemag.

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Redknapp is the only way forward for England

11 Feb 2012
by Luke Lambert
Yesterday was a dramatic day for football. By midday Harry Redknapp had been cleared of tax evasion charges and as the evening drew in news filte... [More]

A Year in the Life of Steve Kean

21 Dec 2011
by Luke Lambert
Who would be a football manager? Sir Alex Ferguson once said 'dealing with stress is always there for everyone in different ways. How you deal wi... [More]

Nasri's Manchester City dilemma

18 Dec 2011
by Luke Lambert
Manchester City's spending has enabled them to assemble one of the most formidable squads the Premier League has ever seen. There is the clich&ea... [More]

The A to Z of Euro 2012

06 Dec 2011
by Luke Lambert
The draw for the 2012 European Championships in Poland and Ukraine was made yesterday with some very interesting match-ups. [More]

Arsenal's resurgence at the right time for Arsène

26 Nov 2011
by Luke Lambert
The past few months have been a roller-coaster for Arsenal fans. After only seven games of the current campaign they had notched a mere two wins [More]

Spain and Scotland: Two Leagues in jeopardy

20 Nov 2011
by Luke Lambert
Spanish football is beautiful. Fact. However, should we rephrase this to Real Madrid and Barcelona are beautiful? [More]