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Concerns at centre forward for Juventus shown in victory

27 Aug 2012
by Nicholas Kituno
  Mirko Vučinić’s performance for Juventus against Parma was well-received by the support from the home fans. As he was substituted b... [More]

Six points on Manchester United signing Van Persie

19 Aug 2012
by Nicholas Kituno
  Barclays Premier League runners-up Manchester United have essentially signed Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie for a fee worth £24 m... [More]

Clément Chantôme, stay or go?

27 Jul 2012
by Nicholas Kituno
  One could excuse Paris Saint-Germain’s own Clément Chantôme for wanting to find football elsewhere this season. Though... [More]

Robert Prosinečki, part of a generation

01 Jun 2012
by Nicholas Kituno
"It was obvious we had a classy player on our hands, and I initiated the contract preceedings right away..." - Dragan Džajić He was part of... [More]

Gennaro Gattuso, il Gladiatore

13 May 2012
by Nicholas Kituno
"Either you do things seriously, or you don't do them at all." - Gennaro Gattuso In Italian it is translated to “indossare il cuore sulla ... [More]

Should David Luiz become a defensive midfielder

23 Mar 2012
by Nicholas Kituno
Chelsea’s Brazilian defender David Luiz has been subject to praise and criticism since joining the Blues in January last year from Portugue... [More]

Garrincha, a little bird that flew high

23 Mar 2012
by Nicholas Kituno
“One day he came home with a little bird in his hand and I said: ‘Look, it’s just like you. It flies around a lot, but it&rsquo... [More]

The Mesut Özil effect

21 Mar 2012
by Nicholas Kituno
People’s general perception of the modern winger has become castigated in a way. No longer do the criteria require just a burst of pace and... [More]

The rise and fall of Michael Essien

03 Feb 2012
by Nicholas Kituno
I watched that goal he scored live against Barcelona at Stamford Bridge on television a few years back. One of my favourite all-time goals; not j... [More]

Could Gervinho do more?

04 Nov 2011
by Nicholas Kituno
  Can Gervinho do more? The Arsenal winger who signed from French Ligue 1 champions Lille OSC in the summer for £11million has played... [More]

Newcastle United: A kingdom yearning a ruler

30 Oct 2011
by Nicholas Kituno
  Newcastle United’s unbeaten streak comes at the expense of a tidy defence both home and away, and a fresh flow of confidence. Parde... [More]