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Favourite Club : Chelsea FC.
About the Author : First year English Literature with Creative Writing student. I have an opinion on everything, not every opinion is worth writing about though.

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Chelsea's squad requires major surgery.

29 Feb 2012
by Aidan Sweeney
It would be fair to say that this season has not quite lived up to the expectations of Chelsea fans. Sitting fifth in the table, requiring a quit... [More]

Get off AVB's back.

21 Feb 2012
by Aidan Sweeney
With his Chelsea side struggling to reach the heights of former seasons in the Premier League and facing a replay at Championship side Birmingham... [More]

Don't brand Fernando a flop just yet.

11 Jan 2012
by Aidan Sweeney
Four goals and seven assists in fourteen starts and 8 substitute appearances is hardly what Chelsea fans were expecting from Fernando Torres this... [More]

The rise and fall of Didier Drogba.

28 Oct 2011
by Aidan Sweeney
To many people, Didier Drogba represents exactly what Chelsea FC have stood for under the Abramovich era. His strength, pace and cutting personal... [More]

Villas-Boas is the way forward at Chelsea.

27 Oct 2011
by Aidan Sweeney
Two years after being appointed the boss of Académia who were at the time bottom of the Portuguese Primeira Liga, André Villas-Boas... [More]