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About the Author : Oxford United fan and aspiring sports journalist.

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League 2 Team of the Season so far

25 Jan 2012
by Olly Howells
It might be overlooked by a lot of the Championship and Premiership clubs, but League 2 has a lot of talented players, old and young, here's my p... [More]

Loyalty in the Game

22 Jan 2012
by Olly Howells
Greed is slowly destroying our beautiful game. Players are willing to leave a club that have picked them out from millions of people who desperat... [More]

My life as an Oxford United fan

30 Nov 2011
by Olly Howells
I might be in the younger generation of football fans, but I've followed Oxford United for all my life, and like to think of myself as a real fan... [More]

Refereeing in Football

28 Nov 2011
by Olly Howells
How badly has refereeing in football declined? Is it ruining the game of football? Is technology the answer to our problems? [More]

A-Z of Sunday 23rd October's Manchester Derby

23 Oct 2011
by Olly Howells
An A-Z description of Manchester City's 6-1 Victory over Manchester United. [More]