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Would you sell Rooney for £30m?

19 Apr 2013
by Amit Mandora
Before getting started and to make it clear, this is not a piece to make Wayne Rooney receive any more vitriol than he already receives. There is... [More]

The Boy Who Will Never Be King

16 Mar 2013
by Amit Mandora
  Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. The 'second' greatest player in the world and of his generation. Lionel Messi must haunt him on a da... [More]

Messi: An Ode to the Greatest

09 Jan 2013
by Amit Mandora
Lionel Andrés Messi was born 24th June 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. He was the younger of two brothers and had most of his upbringing deliv... [More]

Another year of midfield mediocrity

03 Oct 2012
by Amit Mandora
Eight games into the new season and Manchester United haven't fully got going, failed to purchase the midfielder they needed, leak goals at a sta... [More]

Masked by football: Spain's crumbling economy

25 Sep 2012
by Amit Mandora
  Don't be fooled by the title; I'm not about to go through Spain's fiscal issues. What I am going to talk about though is the current prob... [More]

Transfer Window Anomalies

09 Sep 2012
by Amit Mandora
The end of another transfer window and it's still another one that makes me constantly shake my head in shame at what has just happened. I say sh... [More]

New season, New start.... oh...

25 Aug 2012
by Amit Mandora
  So the new season begins with every Manchester United and Everton fan having to wait a day longer than everyone else to see what's in sto... [More]

Anti-football and Barcelona

01 May 2012
by Amit Mandora
  I always look forward to the media haranguing the following morning of a football match. Regardless of what occurred, the losing manager m... [More]

Paul Scholes and Manchester United's over-reliance.

18 Apr 2012
by Amit Mandora
January 8th 2012 was the day that opinions were divided amongst Manchester United fans. Some saw it as a psychological tactic by Sir Alex Ferguso... [More]

Fabrice Muamba: Bringing the football world together

04 Apr 2012
by Amit Mandora
  I'll always remember the moment I heard the news. In my hotel room on my brother's stag in Marbella my Uncle walks in and says "have you ... [More]

Chelsea: The hardest managerial post on Earth.

08 Mar 2012
by Amit Mandora
So Villas-Boas has been sacked. The guillotine above the man's head has inevitably fallen and is anyone really that surprised? Abramovich has alw... [More]

Marcelo Bielsa, the madman of modern football

01 Feb 2012
by Amit Mandora
This current season marked the return of Bielsa to club management and I, for one, am glad to see him back. Nicknamed 'El Loco' or 'Madman' in En... [More]

Tinker Tailor Soldier Sir Alex

13 Dec 2011
by Amit Mandora
I'm not one to say 'I told you so' but what better reason? A series of inept performances all season culminated in the embarrassing failure to pr... [More]

Real Sociedad: A team I will never forget

01 Dec 2011
by Amit Mandora
I've had some favourite squads in my lifetime: - Manchester United 99 and 08- Chelsea 04-06- The current Barcelona team- Real Sociedad 02/03- AC ... [More]

The Curious Case of Manchester United

12 Nov 2011
by Amit Mandora
As a Manchester United fan, it is becoming more and more difficult to bring myself to be excited to see us play. Don't get me wrong, I always get... [More]

La Masia - The serious case of the haves and have nots

04 Nov 2011
by Amit Mandora
When you think of the Football Factory, many of you will remember the very much mediocre film starring Danny Dyer as a Ray Winston wannabe. I, ho... [More]

The Mafia Mantra

18 Oct 2011
by Amit Mandora
I've been all around the globe and it is strange that you can go to so many countries and there is a distinct divide when it comes to the adorati... [More]

Ingerland, the final nail in the proverbial coffin

11 Oct 2011
by Amit Mandora
I've always liked football, why wouldn't I? I've played it all my life and my team are doing well in a difficult league. Though contrary to popul... [More]