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About the Author : Akinola has been a football lover for close to twenty-two years now and runs soccer analysis via http://dakes83-socceranalysis.blogspot.com.Passionate about the game and likes to be a neutral analyst.

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Articles by this Author

EPL Opening Match-day Drama

24 Aug 2012
by Akinola Odunukan
After the last minute decider ending to the premiership last season, a brand new EPL season has commenced with lots of drama from match-day one. [More]

Help! Wenger Has Gone Crazy

21 Aug 2012
by Akinola Odunukan
Now, If ever anyone had thought football was just a game, then they would be needing a rethink because the game has gone way beyond entertainment... [More]

Just Before the Curtain Falls:Preview of EPL Season's Last Day

13 May 2012
by Akinola Odunukan
By all standards, this has been one of the most intriguing and amazing football seasons in the English premier league. It has been a season. [More]

The Evra-Suarez Row: Victory for the Team or an Individual?

13 Feb 2012
by Akinola Odunukan
In the build up to the game between Manchester united and Liverpool, there had been so much made of the racial row between Luis Suarez and Patric... [More]

Inside The Premiership: Match-day of Circus and Intrigues

26 Oct 2011
by Akinola Odunukan
Some say football is life; the question is “how do you argue against such a claim that has proved itself so plausibly over time?” [More]

Inside The Premiership: Inferences from Matchday 8

19 Oct 2011
by Akinola Odunukan
The last weekend in the premiership was a very exciting one and can compete notably with some of the most exciting ones in the past throwing up s... [More]