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About the Author : I am a Sports Journalism graduate. I follow English and European football and I am a season ticket holder at Nottingham Forest FC. I write a blog called Behind The Goal.

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Top 23 Players Not Going To The World Cup

25 Nov 2013
by Adam Gray
I have picked a 23-man squad of players not qualified for the World Cup. I may have made some glaring errors, but feel free to debate. [More]

Deja Vu All Over Again For Chelsea

22 Nov 2012
by Adam Gray
Following Roberto Di Matteo's sacking from Chelsea, Adam Gray takes a look at why he went, who could replace him, and where the club goes. [More]

Capital One Raises Interest

01 Nov 2012
by Adam Gray
Adam Gray looks at Tuesday night's incredible game at the Madejski Stadium as his previous issues with the competition were forgotten. [More]

This Week In Football

09 Oct 2012
by Adam Gray
Adam Gray takes a look at the issue of diving in the Premier League, and the England futures of Ashley Cole and Rio Ferdinand. [More]

Chelsea's Night In Barcelona

25 Apr 2012
by Adam Gray
Last night I watched Chelsea reach the Champions League final with in my opinion one of the finest displays by an English team in Europe I have e... [More]

The greatest own goals in recent times

07 Jan 2012
by Adam Gray
Phil Jones' effort has prompted Adam Gray to explore some of the great own goals from recent years. Some costly, others comical. [More]

Newcastle United: Controversial or Canny?

12 Nov 2011
by Adam Gray
Newcastle United have renamed their St. James' Park ground the Sports Direct Arena, in a move which many will see as controversial, yet others ma... [More]

A new era at Nottingham Forest

05 Oct 2011
by Adam Gray
Well, that went well, didn't it? The Steve McClaren era at Nottingham Forest is already over after just ten league games. The whole situation has... [More]