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Move aside glory hunters, lower league football is growing

30 Nov 2011
by Ben Thompson
In a footballing world where more and more fans are jumping on the bandwagon and support top clubs such as Barca, Real, United, etc, it’s i... [More]

Oh I Do Not Believe That, That Is Sensational...

05 Sep 2011
by Ben Thompson
It's safe to say we've seen some pretty spectacular goals scored by West Ham players over the years, here's my Top 5. [More]

West Ham - Three down, Four to go...

28 Jul 2011
by Ben Thompson
In one of the quickest transfer sagas of the summer, we've got our man. The fee undisclosed but I believe it to be in the region of £2milli... [More]

Our Greatest Side Ever

26 Jun 2011
by Ben Thompson
The greatest West Ham side of all time.... who do you think should be in it? [More]

We've got Big Sam, but what now?

20 Jun 2011
by Ben Thompson
The appointment of Sam Allardyce is a fantastic one. But it may take a bit more than Sam Allardyce to achieve salvation at Upton Park...