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Favourite Club : Bolton Wanderers FC
About the Author : Author of football poem Touchline Shouting; first published in his anthology of Football poems Poetry in by Simon Icke in 1998 on behalf of Aston Clinton School in Bucks. UK.

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Articles by this Author

I am what I am, just an ordinary fan

24 Sep 2013
by Simon Icke
I am not your modern day footballer who collects his wages in a hay loader from the Premier League pay loader...Please don't exploit me! [More]

Here Comes Tubby Jones

14 Sep 2013
by Simon Icke
Funny Football Poem...Diet and Excercise....Healthy Eating... message to parents: don't over feed your kids and let them get fit playing sport ! [More]

Young versus Old in Irwell Road

13 Sep 2013
by Simon Icke
Football Poem - Salford street kids playing football...children playing football in the road / street in North West Emgland in the 60s [More]

Touchline Shouting Football Poem

12 Sep 2013
by Simon Icke
Touchline shouting that's all I ever hear...Football Should be Fun! [More]