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What to expect in January 2014 transfer window

01 Jan 2014
by The Linesman
Managers of English Premier League live a pretty busy life. After a congested festive period, teams are returning to action on the first day of N... [More]

Roberto Soldado, The Scapegoat of the Toothless Tottenham

06 Dec 2013
by The Linesman
The movie "Moneyball" illustrates you don't need to invest as heavy as New York Yankees to enjoy success in the business of sports. The message m... [More]

Alexis Sanchez - The New Leaf

25 Nov 2013
by The Linesman
It s a great honour for a player to play for a title-winning team. At the same time, if only being assigned a bit-part role, it could be hard to ... [More]

Honours Split in the Six Goal Merseyside Derby

25 Nov 2013
by The Linesman
There is never disappointment in the Merseyside Derby. With Everton being rock solid at the back lately and Liverpool finding renewed hope in the... [More]

Does Milan Have What It Takes To Bounce Back?

25 Nov 2013
by The Linesman
Reform is often painful, particularly when revolutionary changes are to be made to a historically successful empire. 18 times Serie A winner AC M... [More]

Is it finally the year for the Gunners?

06 Nov 2013
by The Linesman
The last time they mentioned about winning silverware in 2011, Laurent Koscielny comically gave it away to the relegated Birmingham at Wembley. 1... [More]

Getting Manchester United Back On To The Winning Track

24 Oct 2013
by The Linesman
"The higher you climb, the colder you get". By now, David Moyes should have a full appreciation of this phrase. 11 points from 8 matches is decen... [More]

The man who is being overlooked

22 Oct 2013
by The Linesman
In the critical five-day spell which determined England's World Cup fate, Rooney manned up to lead his nation to Rio next June, but it was Andros... [More]

AVB's Timely Reality Check

12 Oct 2013
by The Linesman
There were once the Invincibles in North London and the Special One in Chelsea, who were so accomplished to not even falter for once in the leagu... [More]

Januzaj shone in the Stadium of Light to relieve Moyes pressure

12 Oct 2013
by The Linesman
Squad selection, transfer setback, tough fixtures, David Moyes is running short of excuses for his continuous failure to deliver results. The als... [More]

Manchester City Overwhelmed By German Champions

03 Oct 2013
by The Linesman
Three errors in defence saw Manchester City give away three points to Bayern Munich at home – where they tore their red neighbour apart 10 ... [More]

Tottenham second unit gifted AVB a comfortable night at Villa

28 Sep 2013
by The Linesman
There was nothing but only complaints from AVB in pre-match conference. There will be nothing but only praises from AVB for the performance of hi... [More]

What has gone wrong for Moyes in the Manchester Derby?

24 Sep 2013
by The Linesman
The importance of derby would not have been undermined by David Moyes, having battled in Merseyside Derby during his reign at Everton, but is he ... [More]

Heroic Debutant Mignolet Preserved Victory for the Reds

18 Aug 2013
by The Linesman
This is a much better season-opener for Brendan Rodgers. Daniel Agger was again the man of mistake this time. Thanks to newcomer Simon Mignolet, ... [More]

United had no trouble bringing Moyes the first silverware

12 Aug 2013
by The Linesman
To describe Manchester United's preseason as dismay is no exaggeration. Defeats both on and off the pitch are no ideal start to the post-Sir Alex... [More]

It is time to think about football, Daniel Levy

30 Jul 2013
by The Linesman
For once, Daniel Levy appears to share the ambition of the supporters, trying his uttermost to retain unarguably their best player in search for ... [More]

It's Rooney who needs United, or United who needs Rooney?

28 Jul 2013
by The Linesman
If Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani are the South American representatives of this summer transfer market, Wayne Rooney ensures United Kingdom also... [More]