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Scottish football is dependant on newco Rangers.

15 Jul 2012
by Jake Doyle
Rangers have been excluded from the SPL and now face an uphill battle to stay in the football league. What a mistake for Scottish football. [More]

Arsenal shouldn't worry about Van Persie's departure.

05 Jul 2012
by Jake Doyle
RVP may have turned down talks for a new contract but it doesn't result in a disaster due to a new Arsenal era. [More]

Euro 2012 Ones to Watch: More Feedback

04 Jul 2012
by Jake Doyle
Part 2: As well as progressing my picks for the first two Groups, this is the second part of my feedback which involves both finalists... [More]

Another England Penalty Post-Mortem

04 Jul 2012
by Jake Doyle
As England bow out of their 8th major tournament quarter final with a shootout defeat over Italy, I examine what went wrong and future success. [More]

Spain and their anti-football.

29 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
We often attribute anti-football with teams that stick ten men behind the ball and soak up the pressure of a successful side. When a Wigan Athlet... [More]

The Story of the Euro 2012 Semi-Finals

28 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
  With the swift penalty of Alessandro Diamanti for Italy to progress against England on a warm evening in Kiev which had ticked over to Mon... [More]

The Quarter Finals of Euro 2012

27 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
  The second week had concluded in the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine which meant that the knockout stages had befallen the t... [More]

Xbox 360 Euro Simulation: Knockout Stage

27 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
The knockout stages of Euro 2012 is still on-going but following up from my previous article, here is the simulated horror of what happened in Po... [More]

Xbox 360 Euro Simulation: Group Stages

25 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
    We all know how the Euro 2012 group stages panned out, the World Cup finalists in Holland were dumped out without a single point to... [More]

If UEFA Euro 2012 was Scrabble.

24 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
  I know exactly what the question on everyone’s lips this summer whilst watching the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine wa... [More]

Manchester United fan's perspective on the fixture list.

21 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
  On Monday morning the full fixture list for the Premier League was announced. Sir Alex Ferguson is still chasing his 13th Premier League ... [More]

Euro 2012 Report: Final Group C and D Matches

21 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
  June 18 With Ireland being the first nation out of the tournament, they had the ability to change the entire mindset of Group C as they t... [More]

2012/13 Premier League Fixture List Announced

19 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
The Premier League fixture list for the new season was announced this morning and the opening weeks in particular throw up some intriguing contes... [More]

Euro 2012 Report: Russia, Germany & Holland

18 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
  June 16 The final group matches were kicked off with the tightest group of the lot as the co-hosts Poland had the momentum going into the... [More]

Hodgson's Ukraine Dilemma

17 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
  After England’s narrow 3-2 win over Sweden in Kiev last night only heaps more pressure on the manager regarding his selection for t... [More]

Euro 2012 Report: Italy, England & Spain

16 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
  June 14 Day seven of the European Championships saw the football taken back into the Poland and the nation was still recovering from the ... [More]

Euro 2012 Report: June 12 & 13

14 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
June 12 Tuesday saw the introduction of the second group stage matches as the co-hosts of Poland challenged Russia in their own national stadium ... [More]

UEFA Euro 2012 Report: June 10 & 11

12 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
  June 10  The first round of matches in the group stages of the Polish and Ukrainian European Championships came to a climax on Monda... [More]

Top 10 Greatest Football Teams of All Time

10 Jun 2012
by Jake Doyle
  10. France 1998 France achieved only their first World Cup trophy when the world flooded into Western Europe and in France for the World ... [More]