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Are foreign players stunting the progression of English talent?

11 Oct 2012
by Joel Turner
With the opening of the new centre of Excellence in St George’s Park, British football is looking on the up. The FA has taken the necessary... [More]

Would employing Harry Redknapp be bad for business?

05 Oct 2012
by Joel Turner
Over the last month we’ve seen Redknapp linked to any job with an under fire manager. Ipswich, QPR and now Bournemouth (where he currently... [More]

Is Chelsea’s midfield a problem?

03 Oct 2012
by Joel Turner
Chelsea’s signings this season have echoed Roman Ambramovich’s desire to play attractive football. To quote Arrigo Sachi, “If ... [More]

What we should expect from England vs Ukraine

12 Sep 2012
by Joel Turner
On Tuesday night, England return to home soil to take on Ukraine in their bid to qualify for the 2014 World Cup, in Rio di Janeiro. Ukraine are... [More]

Chelsea 2 – 0 Wigan: Report

20 Aug 2012
by Joel Turner
Champions League winners Chelsea started their domestic campaign away against Wigan Athletic, whose good form at the end of last season saved t... [More]

Should Aston Villa be looking over their shoulders?

01 May 2012
by Joel Turner
It’s usually around this part of the season that those unfortunate teams doomed to Championship football next year are revealed. Of course... [More]

"It's Horses for Courses." Chelsea Progress to the Final.

25 Apr 2012
by Joel Turner
After over 180 minutes of tense, Barcelona dominated football, Chelsea have defeated the Catalan behemoth over two legs and booked their place in... [More]

Why are Liverpool struggling so much?

27 Mar 2012
by Joel Turner
Following a 2-1 loss to relegation-battlers Wigan on the weekend, Liverpool FC are left staring down the barrel of an ultimately disappointing se... [More]

So much for the best league in the world.

17 Mar 2012
by Joel Turner
Fans who claim that the Premier League is the most competitive league in the world were given a shot of reality as league leaders Manchester Unit... [More]