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About the Author : Hi Im Gabriel, 20 and am working on a football blog called the Score!, where I write predictions/reviews for matches and the big issues in football. Am a season-ticket holder at Birmingham City.

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My Premiership Predictions

01 Mar 2013
by Gabriel Sutton
Chelsea vs. West Brom I think in many ways, Rafa was setting himself up to be sacked when he made those comments on Wednesday night, complaining ... [More]

Why Villa WILL stay up

17 Jan 2013
by Gabriel Sutton
As a Birmingham City fan, I'm not going to enjoy making this claim, but I firmly believe that Aston Villa will be playing Premiership football ne... [More]

Premiership Preview

12 Jan 2013
by Gabriel Sutton
QPR vs. Tottenham Despite the gulf between the teams in the league, I've not had an easy time calling this one. QPR may be bottom of the table b... [More]

FA Cup 3rd Round Review

07 Jan 2013
by Gabriel Sutton
Brighton 2-0 Newcastle I said: 2-0 I'm pleased to be on target with this one and I think with Newcastle just 2pts away from relegation, the Eur... [More]

My FA Cup 3rd Round predictions

03 Jan 2013
by Gabriel Sutton
Brighton v Newcastle I can really see an odds upset here. Brighton have had longer to prepare for this and are off the back of a 3-0 win at Ipswi... [More]

Why Manchester United won't run away with this title

20 Dec 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
If you had to offer me a prediction now, as to who will win the title this season, I would be more than inclined to say Manchester United. They'v... [More]

Why Arsene Wenger is one of the best managers in the world

10 Dec 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
Arsenal fans wanting Wenger out: read this, consider what he's done and think again. A reminder why Arsene remains one of best managers around. [More]

A look back at the weekend's action

04 Dec 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
Well, it's been a weekend thats bore slightly more significance at the top of the table than the bottom. There have been no teams to climb out of... [More]

Mega Match Preview: Man City vs Everton

30 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
To kick off the weekend prep, I thought I'd start a weekly theme where I dedicate one whole article to the biggest game on. I did think about do... [More]

You'd have to be mad to be a Football Manager

28 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
What two things do the following three managers have in common? Brian Clough, Jose Mourinho, Ian Holloway. The first thing is that, in their diff... [More]

Premiership Weekend Preview

24 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
It's probably worth noting that an entertaining 35 goals were scored last weekend, in a round of matches that involved some breathtaking matches ... [More]

Big Game Preview: Chelsea Vs Manchester City.

23 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
There are to be no prizes for guessing which match will grab all the attention this weekend. It already looked to be a big game in prospect earli... [More]

The Trouble With Arsenal

22 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
Many people have labelled Arsenal a selling club, so since the invinsible season, I'd like to study the key players they've let go, and see who ... [More]

Another Sacking For Chelsea, But Is It All Bad?

21 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
Just today, Roberto di Matteo has been sacked by Chelsea in the wake of the club's 3-0 Champions League defeat to Juventus, and his replacement w... [More]

Premier League Weekend Review

20 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
Well, there were a few surprise results this weekend, and in fact three of the teams who started saturday in the top four lost when they played, ... [More]

Premiership Predictions This Weekend

17 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
Well after a disappointing performance, as always, from England in Sweden on Wednesday night, let's look to put that behind us and focus on the p... [More]

Premier League Review

16 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
Arsenal 3-3 Fulham I said: 1-0 When predicting this game, I probably didn't take enough account of the fact that Fulham are actually the second ... [More]

Premier League's overrated XI

16 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
So this is the start of a series of articles I'm going to do, where I pick a team of players in the Premier League who fit into a certain categor... [More]

Premiership Predictions This Weekend

09 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
We've got several big games on this weekend: the tenacious Toffees look to hold on to 4th by beating goal-shy Black Cats, but Arsenal will be rig... [More]

What's gone wrong at Man City?

08 Nov 2012
by Gabriel Sutton
What's happened to Manchester City this season? I'm sure most of you would agree with me when I say it's been a poor start to the season for them... [More]