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About the Author : I am a second year degree student studying Sports Journalism at Southampton Solent University hoping of making it big in the industry as a football commentator.

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Keeping Arsenal's Champions League spot in Czech

09 Mar 2012
by Matt Cotton
It has been said many times before but it is astonishing what a difference a few weeks can make in football. Having been pummelled at the Sa... [More]

Has Arsene Wenger got another decision wrong?

28 Feb 2012
by Matt Cotton
So it's finally happened. Well not finally but near enough. You didn't have to be a genius to work out that the Andrey Arshavin train was so... [More]

Get Chamberlain in the plane to Poland & Ukraine?

29 Jan 2012
by Matt Cotton
There are 16 minutes left at the Emirates and a cascade of boos rings around the crowd as the fourth official’s board shows a red number 15... [More]

Has the FA Cup lost its romance?

29 Jan 2012
by Matt Cotton
Often labelled as the greatest cup competition on the planet, the FA Cup started in 1871 and is loved for its ‘all or nothing’ match ... [More]