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About the Author : Editor of The Goal Line; fusing my footballing passion with journalistic zeal, I hope to appeal to all you readers, and maybe even humour you slightly.

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Controversy At Stamford Bridge!

31 Oct 2012
by Ryan Hawkins
If there’s one way to become the centre of attention overnight, it’s by reducing Chelsea to nine men against rivals Manchester United... [More]

Goal-Line Technology: Removing The Shine From Football?

29 Sep 2012
by Ryan Hawkins
                            We all remember Lampard's incredible goal ... [More]

Joe Allen: Liverpool's Golden Boy

16 Sep 2012
by Ryan Hawkins
As Lucas Leiva’s thigh injury led to his trudging off in the 4th minute against City, the deep thud from the sinking of Liverpudlian hearts... [More]

Does Defoe Suit AVB's System?

12 Sep 2012
by Ryan Hawkins
  Jermain Defoe’s signing of a new three-year contract was music to the ears of the Spurs faithful after the striker had been linked ... [More]