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The past few seasons have seen rivals make a mockery of Arsenal, but can they prevail to have the last laugh? [More]

Germany's Time is Now

Germany's young and talented side must live up to the hype and win Euro 2012 to secure their place amongst the great teams of the modern era. [More]

Didier Drogba - Chelsea's Departing Hero

Drogba is to leave Chelsea after eight years, but he leaves on a high after a talismanic show in Munich etched his name into the club's history. [More]

Manchester City's Costly Problems

With City losing to Arsenal, just why have the Eastlands outfit struggled in the crucial stages of the Title Race and Europe this season? [More]

What next for Chelsea?

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The Precarious Predicament of Harry Redknapp

With Capello's departure and Redknapp's expected appointment, will it all turn out to be the perfect match? [More]

Arsenal's Second Resurrection?

Following the previous weeks' poor results, is the 7-1 victory another catalyst for a long run of success with Van Persie and co. on form? [More]

In British Managers, we trust

An insight - with statistical evidence - showing why British managers in the Premier League are ahead of their foreign counterparts.. [More]