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About the Author : I am a football enthusiast who recently started a website/blog which dedicates to very detailed, quite unique style player analysis (for media at least). You should visit my site for more reading!

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Analysis of Shinji Kagawa

27 Feb 2012
by Tanel Tursk
Shinji Kagawa is Japan's best player and far better signing for a rich big team than players like Eden Hazard. [More]

Inter need to Deconstruct before Reconstruction

18 Feb 2012
by Tanel Tursk
Inter's Jenga game has led the faults of the team to show faster than expected and a project of deconstruction is needed before reconstruction. [More]

Zeman's crazy football is pushing Pescara towards Serie A

03 Feb 2012
by Tanel Tursk
Talents like Ciro Immobile, Lorenze Insigne and Marco Verratti are playing big part in Zdenek Zeman's Pescara side currently topping Serie B. [More]

Analysis of Joe Allen

19 Jan 2012
by Tanel Tursk
Going through a process of thorough analysation is Joe Allen of Swansea and Wales who might very well become a future top class playmaker! [More]

Analysis of Lucas Moura

10 Jan 2012
by Tanel Tursk
Very detailed analysis of Sao Paulo's young talent Lucas. [More]