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About the Author : THT writes for a website with articles covering all world football topics. The site does have a strong Everton influence however, it is not exclusively about Everton.

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What Defines A World Class Player?

25 Jun 2012
by THT
  I was listening to a certain Sports Radio Talk Show yesterday and they were discussing which players were in their opinion ‘World ... [More]

When should players be allowed to leave?

09 Jun 2012
by THT
When should clubs allow a Player to leave ? That is the question that has been discussed recently across Newspapers,Radio Stations and Social Net... [More]

Are Barcelona Boring?

21 May 2012
by THT
Are Barcelona Boring? Now before anybody starts screaming at the headline please read on to see why I have asked the question! I was discussing B... [More]

Pep Takes a 'Gap Year'

29 Apr 2012
by THT
In what had been predicted to be a headline making week for Barcelona Football Club certainly did not disappoint as they have certainly made head... [More]

The '39th Game' of the Premier League

08 Apr 2012
by THT
The 39th Game , where do you stand is a question I am asking in this article. The reason that I ask the question is that I have heard it being d... [More]

Lionel Messi - A True Phenomenon

04 Apr 2012
by THT
So it happened , Lionel Messi has now become Barcelona’s all time top goalscorer with 236 goals at the age of 23. Another hat trick last w... [More]