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Articles by this Author

A Life Too Short: The Tragedy of Robert Enke

13 Dec 2011
by Esam Sultan
A short review on the William Hill Sports Book of the Year for 2011 [More]

Thierry Henry: Once a Gooner always a Gooner

11 Dec 2011
by Esam Sultan
Henry's statue is a beacon of hope for all those wanting to reach the professional heights of the game. [More]

Is there life after Gerrard and Carragher?

04 Dec 2011
by Esam Sultan
Liverpool stalwarts Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher have worn the shirt so proudly over the years but have their best days been and gone? [More]

Arsene Wenger: The father of the Arsenal family

22 Nov 2011
by Esam Sultan
Few managers in the history of football have been able to achieve legendary status at their clubs. Arsene Wenger at Arsenal is a rare example. [More]

Milan's Rising Black Star

19 Nov 2011
by Esam Sultan
There are few stages that have the potential to mark some of footballs defining moments. Sir Geoff Hurst knows first-hand how such moments come a... [More]