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Ronaldo Soars in Madrid but Rooney Shackled in Manchester

19 Feb 2013
by Esam Sultan
Over the years the England international has played across the midfield and either side of the front man to compensate voids in the squad [More]

Liverpool Must Seek Austerity Today for Prosperity Tomorrow

02 Sep 2012
by Esam Sultan
In a time when every team around them is spending big Liverpool must put their recent history in perspective and accept their place in the market [More]

The Football Family is the Greatest Team in the World

20 Mar 2012
by Esam Sultan
Recent events in football have united society as an outpouring of tributes, respect and prayers put the lives of so many in to perspective [More]

Tiki-Taka Spaniards have Rendered English Football Impotent

17 Mar 2012
by Esam Sultan
The return of the Champions League has broken a decade old pattern of English dominance as the power begins to shift elsewhere. [More]

Ain't no sunshine when Stevie's gone

14 Mar 2012
by Esam Sultan
It's not warm when he's away. Ain't no sunshine when he's gone. And he always gone too long any time he goes away... [More]

Mourinho's not just the special one, he's the only one

12 Mar 2012
by Esam Sultan
Jose's time in Madrid appears to have met it's demise. If he is to leave it is everyone at Chelsea who will be hoping for his arrival [More]

Basquet-ball from Bilbao

10 Mar 2012
by Esam Sultan
Athletic Bilbao's performance at Old Trafford left one of the greatest impressions football has seen in a long time. [More]

Stamford Bridge is falling down, falling down

06 Mar 2012
by Esam Sultan
So Roman Abramovich has had enough, again. Stamford Bridge’s very own Hugh Hefner has decided to take his frustration out on another young ... [More]

Liverpool's Problems Are Adding Up

05 Mar 2012
by Esam Sultan
Dalglish has assembled an expensive batch of players since taking over last year and the Scot's team are in danger of losing their potential. [More]

What does the Carling Cup mean

01 Mar 2012
by Esam Sultan
Much has been made of the lowest ranked cup competition in England and it’s relevance towards the bourgeoisie that make up the Premier League. [More]

Allegations - What a Beautiful English Word

08 Feb 2012
by Esam Sultan
How damaging has the handling of the John Terry affair been for English football? [More]

The Future of Jose Mourinho

26 Jan 2012
by Esam Sultan
Speculation in the Spanish media is rife that Mourinho's days in Madrid are numbered. Where does the next adventure for the charismatic coach lie [More]

Wenger Got His Tactics Wrong

25 Jan 2012
by Esam Sultan
Arsenal's 2-1 defeat was down to one manager getting his tactics right and another getting his wrong...on the day! [More]

English football is too dangerous

15 Jan 2012
by Esam Sultan
Refereeing decisions have dominated the headlines in recent weeks. Are they protecting the players or are they taking the fun out of it? [More]

Thierry Topples Tribalism in Football Triumph

11 Jan 2012
by Esam Sultan
Henry's return to Arsenal has reminded us all what football really is about... [More]

Chelsea are too ugly for Torres

04 Jan 2012
by Esam Sultan
Since his £50m move to Stamford Bridge Fernando Torres has been dubbed a flop but he was never going to succeed in this Chelsea team [More]

20 Premier League New Year's Resolutions

27 Dec 2011
by Esam Sultan
We all have our New Year's resolutions lined up! So here is one for every Premier League side going into 2012! Enjoy [More]

Is there any magic left in Fergie's wand?

25 Dec 2011
by Esam Sultan
Manchester United's greatest figure has spent 25 years building the club into English football's finest. Is there more left in Sir Alex's wand? [More]

Mancini is not the man for City

13 Dec 2011
by Esam Sultan
Manchester City have begun their assault on the domestic front but are no where near conquering Europe. [More]