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Articles by this Author

A Velvet Revolution?

Unai Emery struggles to make a Russian Revolution, but can it change? [More]

Of Love and Monsters - the Death of the Playmaker

Conor Murphy professes his love for a not-so long gone artist in the form of Juan Roman Riquelme and wonders whether such Fantasista will ever re [More]

The Christmas Truce

  The Great War. Horrific, violent, and ruthless. Trench conditions capable of killing as easily as the machine guns which waited hungrily f... [More]

Bates' Sale of Leeds May Not Be All Good News

Ken Bates looks likely to sell Leeds United to a Dubai-based firm, but despite the good news there could be a negative lurking somewhere. [More]

There's Nothing Like Australia

Jake Allingan explains how Alessandro Del Piero and Emile Heskey's moves Down Under will benefit A-League football. [More]

What it Means to Be a Lower League Fan

Since the age of two, I’ve been taken to Boundary Park to watch Oldham Athletic. When it came to which team to support, I never had a choice. [More]

The Slow Demise of Spanish Competitiveness

Real Madrid and Barcelona are gradually killing off the increasingly slim chance of another team competing with them in La Liga. [More]