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About the Author : Opinions on English football from the perspective of an optimistic Arsenal fan. Yup, we exist.

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Robin van Persie and the dangers of over-reliance

17 Nov 2013
by Luke Davis
The dutchman's goal decided the recent meeting between Man United and Arsenal, but are the Red Devils becoming too dependent on Robin van Persie? [More]

Where dem goals at?

24 Oct 2013
by Luke Davis
In terms of goals scored, the start of the 2013/14 Premier League season has been the slowest in several years, but what's behind the drought? [More]

Premier League Transfer Round-Up

03 Sep 2013
by Luke Davis
Taking a look at how each club has fared in the latest transfer window [More]

Released in 2013 XI

22 Jul 2013
by Luke Davis
Every June, each Premier League club begins its own mini-exodus of out-of-contract players. Here is the pick of this year's outcasts [More]

Papiss Cissé: Listless or luckless?

22 Jul 2013
by Luke Davis
After a phenomenal start in English football, last season saw Papiss Cissé fade to the background. 2013/14 could be his make or break season [More]

The Moyes Choice: Just a Fergie Clone?

13 May 2013
by Luke Davis
The new boss has a once in a lifetime opportunity to make his mark on England's biggest club but are United expecting him to be a 'Fergie clone'? [More]

The Five Greatest Afros in Premier League History

05 Apr 2013
by Luke Davis
Assou-Ekotto’s Tottenham take on Fellaini’s Everton on Sunday in ‘the Battle of the Afros’. But who has the best Premier League ‘fro of all time? [More]

Football: The Last Refuge of the Working Class Hero

01 Apr 2013
by Luke Davis
Privately educated athletes continue to dominate British sport. Every sport except one… [More]

Respect the Ref: A Lost Cause?

19 Mar 2013
by Luke Davis
The performance by Man United’s players and staff after the final whistle against Real Madrid highlighted an ugly side to the beautiful game [More]

Ashley Cole: In Defence of Defenders

08 Feb 2013
by Luke Davis
Cole's 100th cap against Brazil serves as a reminder that there's more to football than Messi and Ronaldo [More]

Arsenal's January Chopping List

31 Dec 2012
by Luke Davis
With plenty of talk about who Arsenal may sign in the new year, who could be heading out the door to make way for new recruits? [More]

Balotelli: A Lesson from History

23 Dec 2012
by Luke Davis
How does City's sulking striker compare to other Premier League 'bad boys'? [More]

Who should Wenger buy in January?

19 Dec 2012
by Luke Davis
"I think they should find some money somewhere and get some top players in and just go for it." This week, ex-Arsenal defender Sol Campbell advis... [More]

The Golden Boot: Does it Matter?

16 Dec 2012
by Luke Davis
Becoming top scorer in the English Premier League provides entry into an elite club of international superstars such as Thierry Henry, Didier Dro... [More]

Life Without RVP At Arsenal

01 Nov 2012
by Luke Davis
Before victory against QPR this weekend, it had been six months since ‘ONE-NIL! TO THE ARS-EN-AL!’ had been the end result in a ... [More]