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Favourite Club : Manchester United
About the Author : Live in a village outside Manchester, prefer to think of myself as a classy Cheshire Lady but i am a die hard manc when it comes to football. Live, breath and write football. United is my team forever

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Articles by this Author

Ferguson and Mourinho Head to Head: United v Real Madrid

05 Mar 2013
by Becki Dickinson
The Special one and seemingly the Greatest one: Ferguson and Mourinho go head to head in the second leg of the Champions League to determine... [More]

Time Is Running Out for United. And is Caroll leaving Liverpool?

10 Jul 2012
by Becki Dickinson
Is Andy Caroll REALLY on his way out of Liverpool? What's going on in the English top flight... [More]

Transfer News: What's Happening At The Top

08 Jul 2012
by Becki Dickinson
So far there have been no new signings for big spending club, title winners City. However there has been interest and rumours circulating around. [More]

Sensational End To A Sensational Season

15 May 2012
by Becki Dickinson
Yesterday truly was Super Sunday - with all twenty clubs playing their final fixture on the last day, it is always going to be an exciting watch,... [More]