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Post Match Playmakers Team of the Year.

23 May 2013
by Tyrone Dominique
Congratulations to Gareth Bale for winning the PFA Young Player of the year award, I feel it was well deserved and he will undoubtedly make my st... [More]

United we Stand, or Divided we Fall?

23 May 2013
by Tyrone Dominique
With an unprecedented dominance since the inception of the Premier League, Sir Alex Ferguson has finally called time on an unbelievable career, l... [More]

Ode to Sir Alex Ferguson

15 Mar 2013
by Tyrone Dominique
He is quite possibly the greatest manager in the history of football, he is as driven as they come and at the age of 72, he doesn't look like sto... [More]

Is Arsene Wengers Time up?

21 Feb 2013
by Tyrone Dominique
I know. It seems now that every time there is a dip in form especially at Arsenal, the knives come out for boss Arsene Wenger, but why? It is a f... [More]

Derby Day Dilemma

08 Dec 2012
by Tyrone Dominique
Manchester United v Liverpool, AC Milan vs Juventus, Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona vs Real Madrid – all great rivalries, bu... [More]

The Barclays Premier League - The Best League in The World?

21 Nov 2012
by Tyrone Dominique
It is a fact, right? For instance, where else are going to find games the magnitude of Arsenal v Manchester United or Manchester City vs Tottenha... [More]

Bringing New Meaning to the Beautiful Game

09 Nov 2012
by Tyrone Dominique
Hope Solo, Marta, Melissa Tancredi, Louisa Necib, Steph Houghton & Shinobu Ono, all of these names I’m sure were not as world renowned ... [More]

11 Most Forgotten Players Of Recent Times

31 Oct 2012
by Tyrone Dominique
Do you remember, growing up, all of the players that you saw reach their peak? Players such as Peter Schmeichel, Luis Figo, Ronaldinho, Batistuta... [More]

Standards in the Game?

26 Oct 2012
by Tyrone Dominique
Is it worth mentioning that today’s perception of the beautiful game is nothing more than overpaid Prima Donna's, who like to throw themsel... [More]

Like A Cancer Killing The Beautiful Game

23 Oct 2012
by Tyrone Dominique
It seems to me that UEFA, the leading governing body for all European football has no care towards the most pressing issue in the sport today. Ra... [More]