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About the Author : Aspiring sports journalist, so far only wrote for my own blog. Also (rather unfortunately) a life-long Wolves fan.

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Relegation Scout: The Wolves Report

13 Apr 2012
by Played Off The Park
I will be doing a new series, looking at the teams that could go down and seeing if there's any players that teams could nick from them if they... [More]

Stick with King Kenny?

06 Apr 2012
by Played Off The Park
Kenny Dalglish re-joined Liverpool as manager the 8th of January 2011 after Roy Hodgson was sacked only 31 games in, but has a lot really changed... [More]

Are the emerging English youth as good as made out?

24 Mar 2012
by Played Off The Park
Lots of people and pundits have been saying the future of the England national team is relatively bright, with lots of emerging young talent, pla... [More]