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Allen and Sahin to fill Lucas void

30 Aug 2012
by David Martinez
Joe Allen and Nuri Sahin must fill a Lucas shaped hole in Liverpool's midfield. [More]

Selling Agger is hypocrisy

16 Aug 2012
by David Martinez
Liverpool and it's fans should remember that loyalty is a two way street [More]

Sterling show brings Cole into focus

15 Aug 2012
by David Martinez
Raheem Sterling's wonder goal against Bayer Leverkusen raised qustions about a more experienced Liverpool player...... [More]

Comolli costs costing Carroll?

28 Jul 2012
by David Martinez
Damien Comolli has more to do with Andy Carroll potential exit from Anfield than anyone.... [More]

The importance of keeping Agger

25 Jun 2012
by David Martinez
Euro 2012 rather summed up Daniel Agger's career thus far. He came, he excelled, he was largely ignored. [More]

Cassano's Time To Shine

22 Jun 2012
by David Martinez
The oft ignored Number Ten of Italian football is belatedly making his mark for the Azzurri [More]

LFC fans must now support FSG and Rodgers

01 Jun 2012
by David Martinez
Fenway Sports Group are altering the landscape at Anfield and while change is always daunting, hope abounds. [More]

The Premier League's best is second to the rest

16 May 2012
by David Martinez
So the 'BEST SEASON EVER' had the most exhilarating finish imaginable. Every neutral could only bask in the magisterial, heart pounding action th... [More]

Dalglish decision can't be rushed

16 May 2012
by David Martinez
Dalglish deserves better than to be left waiting on a decision but there is no other option. [More]